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We took a world class design and manufacturing company and combined it with our passion for hockey.  Metalhead Engineering is a company that has been designing and engineering technical equipment and developing manufacturing processes for consumer products, automotive and recreational vehicle industries since 2003.  Significant engineering developments include development of processes for manufacturing automotive spark plugs, designing aluminum boat trailers, and designing recreational vehicles.  For 7 years, Metalhead Engineering had been engineering, designing and producing products for others to market and distribute to consumers.  In 2009 Metalhead Engineering made the decision to take our products directly to the consumer, this allows us to achieve a better read on the pulse of the industry and accelerate development while providing a closer link to the customer.

Through the desires of our youth and the time spent watching hockey, our focus is on engineering and producing hockey development equipment for hockey players.

Metalhead Engineering's objective is to utilize our years of engineering and design experience to develop tools to improve the skills and to develop the endurance of hockey players.

We are committed to engineering and producing quality equipment, backing our products, and continuing to offer new products to further develop hockey players.  We listen to the feedback of players and coaches!

We want all hockey players to be successful and have fun - our equipment is designated to make these dreams a reality!

Skill Development

We work hand-in-hand with hockey players and coaches to develop tools that allow for ease of learning and ease of training.  Our tools foster close communication between the skater and the coach to develop and refine skills.


Players learn through repetition!  Our development tools are specifically designed to foster repetition and drive long-term muscle memory.  Through the process of repetition skaters build muscle memory to allow for an on-ice duplication without distraction.

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